Different Kinds of Pizza

You might have heard of pizza, the most delightful and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. It is just an awesome food, the word itself can drive you crazy to have it isn’t it?  Pizza has become the most famous fast food among people and mostly among the youngsters all over the world, almost a great no. of pizza lover you will find at every corner you visit.

Pizza is oven-baked bread garnished with varieties of foodstuffs and flavor. It is based on three things: dough, sauce, and its toppings and after adding required ingredients and spice it becomes the most tempting food. Many varieties of pizza exist worldwide along with its various style and types with different taste. In this article, you can find some of the popular kinds of pizza, as it is hard to discuss about all the types of it.

BBQ Chicken Pizza : Each bite of it is exploding with zesty, sweet and tangy flavors. Topping with barbeque, diced chicken, onion with thick cheese  and spices after finely baked it gives pizza a delicious and yummy look that attract consumer towards it.

Vegetable Pizza : Garnished with finely chopped veggies, topping with various flavored sausages and covered with cheese. There are many kinds of vegetable pizza you will find such as Roasted veggies pizza, Margherita pizza this one of the most delicious vegetable pizza fully covered with cheese and tomato, the word Margherita was taken after the Italian Queen ‘Margherita’. Garden veggie pizza that is garnished with lots of varieties vegetables and much more for vegetarian lovers.

Seafood Pizza :  This pizza consists of shrimp, crabsticks and calamari and with lots of yummy seafood and various ingredients and covered with cheese. This is one of the fabulous dish that gives you full pleasant if you are a seafood lover.

Choco Pizza : Topped with rich chocolate gives a amazing taste to it, now a days it has become very popular among youngsters and children for it delicious taste. There are different types of choco pizza available in many stores, such as crunchy choco nuts pizza, choco banana pizza, honeycomb and marshmallow pizza, Choco strawberry pizza and much more.

Neapolitan : It originated in Naples, Italy, This is made of fresh and simple ingredients and sauce instead of cheese. The dough is made of wheat flour and crust thin and crunchy. This is the perfect pizza for those who dislike cheese.

Thin Crust Pizza : The Chicago thin crust pizza is the crunchier and crispy pizza. It is also one of the popular pizza as you will enjoy its every bite, it comes with many verities like Cheese thin crust, roasted vegetables thin crust, signature pepperoni thin crust, Greek recipe thin crust, spicy chipotle chicken thin crust and much more.

These are the few kinds of Pizza among enormous kinds, you will love each bite of pizza undoubtedly. It is the great attraction of any celebration, doesn’t matter whether it is birthday party or promotion party, from college to office party most of the time people prefer pizza instead of various cuisine which is easy to order and easy to eat. You just need to make a call or make a order by online, within a mean while the hot spicy pizza will reach at your destination.

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